Should I reserve my class online?

You do not need to reserve your space online, but it helps expedite the check-in and payment process.  If you check in online, you still must show up at least 10 minutes before class starts to claim your spot.

How many students are there in class?

This depends.  Saturday morning is our best attended class, but the space maxes out at 16.  To ensure your spot in the room, arrive 10 minutes before class time.  Class will take place even if you're the only student present. 

Can I enter class after it starts?

We will let you in up to five minutes after class starts if someone is at the desk and there is space in class.  If the front door is locked, class has started, please do not disturb.

Do I need to bring a mat?

We offer complimentary mat rental, but you may also bring your own mat.

What is studio etiquette?

Please remove shoes upon entering and keep them off throughout your time in the studio.  Avoid wearing scented products.  Share the space physically and energetically.   Be aware of the energy you enter with and respect the space.