Joan Hawley, Instructor & Owner
Mon. 8:30-9:30am, tues. 8:30-10:45am, wed. 6-7pm, sat. 9:30-10:30am


Joan has been teaching yoga since 2004.  She combines Kripalu (YTT 500-hour) training with yoga nidra guided meditation, sound healing, chanting, Reiki and intuitive insight to offer a truly unique class experience. After a decade of  teaching in big cities (NYC and LA), Joan moved to Guerneville with her husband and daughter in 2012 and opened Riverbed a few months later.  Joan holds a BA and MFA and has worked in academia and professional theatre.  She loves forming relationships with students, building community and enjoys getting acquainted with the friendly visitors who pass through our beautiful town.  

Sara Martin, studio Manager


Sara recently moved to Guerneville from the East Coast.  She is pursuing a degree in Environmental Science, and is passionate about ecology, conservation and sustainability.  She also enjoys cooking and creating art.  




Kathleen Hardy, Thursdays 9:30-10:45am

Kathleen has been teaching yoga and aerobics since 1995. A Monte Rio resident, Kathleen has taught classes at the Santa Rosa YMCA, the 21st Century Club, Stan Bennett Fitness Centers, and at the Strawberry Music Festival and the Kate Wolf Music Festival. Currently she teaches primarily in Monte Rio, Guerneville and Healdsburg. Kathleen’s multi-level Hatha yoga classes are suitable for all levels and abilities.  Click here for her class info.

Ginny Tominia, Fridays 4:30-5:45pm


Virginia (Ginny) Tominia (RYT 500) has practiced yoga since 2003 and taught yoga since 2009. From 2009-2012 she studied with Eddie Modestini and Nicki Doane, who blend the Ashtanga Vinyasa and Iyengar Yoga traditions earning her 500 hour level registration. In 2010, she studied under Jane Austin in San Francisco to work with pre- and post-natal women. In June 2010 she was invited to attend the China-India Yoga Conference to receive the teachings of BKS Iyengar. It was there that she met her current teacher, Manouso Manos, one of only two advanced senior certified Iyengar Yoga instructors in the United States. In August 2012, Ginny was featured on the cover of Yoga Journal magazine, the most widely read yoga magazine in the world. She graduated from the  Iyengar Yoga Institute in San Francisco in December 2014, earning her second 500 hour level registration. Additionally in 2014, she passed he Level I/II Iyengar Yoga Certification. For the month of October 2015, she studied with Geeta and Prashant Iyengar at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune, India, and will return there to study for the month of October 2017.  Her desire as a teacher is to ignite her students to move in the direction of yoga as a self-reliant modality for health and healing. Delivered with enthusiasm and a healthy dose of humor, her classes are sequenced with attention to detail and taught with strict focus on alignment. B K S Iyengar - Institutions - RIMYI - Registration


Xochi lubin-amaya, sundays 11am-12:15pm


Xochi has been practicing yoga asana for fifteen years and has been an instructor for eight years, receiving her training with Yoga to the People in Berkeley, California. She has a modern dance background which lead her to formally trying yoga in a community college gymnasium. She has been practicing regularly ever since. She has explored the culture in which the practice comes from over the past decade through spiritual and cultural immersion in Nepal and India. She mainly practices and teaches vinyasa and hatha yoga with inspiration drawn from teachers such as Ana Forrest, founder of Forrest Yoga, and Larry Schultz, founder of Rocket Yoga. Both are yogis who created adaptations of the traditional yoga practice which attends to the present day human experience. She strives to make her classes challenging yet accessible to everyBODY. Her classes are for the most part non devotional and centered around breath, alignment, and body sensation. Besides teaching yoga, she is working towards her MFT license and is training in somatic psychotherapy and holistic counseling. She has passion for working therapeutically with at risk youth and serving those in the community in need of mental health services due to inequality and social stigmas.

Kerri Griffiths, fridays 9:30-10:45am


Kerri first stepped on the mat in 2008, but her practice truly blossomed in 2012 when she moved to Guerneville from Arizona and found Riverbed Yoga. She has a deep reverence for the tools that yoga provides for transformation, physically and mentally, both on and off the mat. Kerri received her 200-hour YTT from Yoga Mountain Studio in Fairfax, CA. Her teaching style is warm and engaging, grounded in traditional yoga philosophy and healthy alignment principles. She strives to create an environment where her students feel empowered to develop a practice that supports their personal growth and development.


Annabele Grace (sub)

Annabele has been in love with yoga since her first class in 2001. Trained in the Integrative Yoga Therapy tradition (RYT-200), her approach utilizes pranayama, mudra and asana to facilitate balance at the physical, energetic, psycho-emotional, intuitive and spiritual levels. Her teaching is influenced by her studies with teachers such as Shiva Rhea, Bo Forbes and Anodea Judith.  Annabele believes that every body can benefit from the profound gift of yoga and seeks to provide compassionate instruction that encourages students to discover their own unique experience of yoga in inspiring, enjoyable, safe and easily accessible ways for all who walk into her class.  Learn more about Annabele at

Mary Kate, Mondays 6-7:15pm

mk bio pic.jpg

Mary Kate (RYT 200 Kundalini Yoga & RYT 200 Vinyasa Yoga) had the great fortune of beginning her yoga practice and meeting her spiritual teacher, Gurudass Kaur, while living in Barcelona in 2001.  She has been teaching yoga since 2007 in Sacramento, the Sierra Foothills and internationally, predominately in West Africa.  After moving to West Sonoma County, she was fortunate to deepen her practice of Vinyasa yoga under the vast teachings of Iris Lambert and the Irie Yoga School.  Since then she has greatly enjoyed teaching this form of yoga and utilizing Kundalini Yoga techniques when applicable.  She enjoys bringing a strong flow of asana, pranayama, mantra and meditation into her classes, helping people gain strength, grace and insight. You can find her videos on Youtube at namasteMK.

Deneene Bell, Wednesdays, 9:30-10:45am

10997472_10206041500217861_7321228097685966653_n (1).jpg

I started doing yoga 20 years ago as an antidote to grad school in a sweaty Bikram studio in Berkeley, CA. What started as a disciplined and cathartic experience evolved over the years into a greater manifestation of self-exploration, acceptance, and celebration. Throughout my life—as a mom, writing teacher, traveler, creative—the one true constant has been my practice. I have come to respect yoga as a great gift of self-wisdom and a creative communion with all parts of ourselves. I do my best to align the elements of my growing knowledge and practice and share them genuinely with others in classes that weave meditation, pranayama, alignment, and philosophy into a spirited Vinyasa flow. I completed my YTT-200 certification in Shri Yoga—a dynamic Hatha practice that emphasizes alignment while honoring the body’s natural intelligence through mindful practice—at Yoga Mountain Studio in Fairfax, CA, with Sienna Smith.


mallory lambert, Sundays 6-7pm


Mallory has been practicing yoga since 2002, and earned her RYT 200 in 2016. She enjoys finding ways to challenge the body while being mindful and attentive to long-term health. She encourages her students to be present and focused, but to also have fun and explore their limitless potential.  Mallory teaches with a strong Vinyasa foundation and a focus on uniting the body and breath

zan dean, buti yoga, sundays 8:30-9:30am


Zan Dean has been a passionate yogi for the last decade. RYT 200 and Buti Yoga certified she is ecstatic about bringing creative power into experience through action and movement. Also certified in the modalities of Reiki and Soul Realignment, she is interested in expanding the quality of presence brought to the practice of yoga.


summer morris, thursdays 3:30-4:30pm


Coming from a stressful corporate accounting environment, yoga helped Summer quiet her mind and release the tensions felt from long hours of sitting at a computer terminal. Summer has been practicing since 2003 and became a 200-hour registered yoga teacher in 2018 and is progressing towards a 500-hour certificate. Summer focuses on meeting students where they are, both in their practice and their life, so they can move through the world with more confidence and contentment. Summer’s style of yoga is vinyasa-based incorporating precise instruction, detailed alignment, breath and fluid movement while being steeped in yogic tradition. Her classes incorporate renderings from Iyengar, Ashtanga, Hatha, Bikram, ParaYoga (Tantric yoga) and the YogaWorks Method.


Nikki Mumolo, Studio Assistant

Nikki aka Mahan Kiret Kaur has been a Guerneville resident for two years and she’s been loving it. Moving here to be closer to family, she enjoys spending time with loved ones and enjoying nature. She identifies as an accepting non-judgmental Aquarius, empath, introverted extrovert, animal lover, organizer, hair stylist, web designer, photographer, reader, writer, yogi, intuitive, healer, artist, musician, and weirdo - in no particular order. She is currently undergoing Kundalini Yoga teacher training at the Hargobind Sadan Ashram with Sat Santohk Singh Khalsa and Prabhu Nam Kaur. Kundalini Yoga is Nikki’s favorite type of yoga because “It transcends the 3rd dimension and gives one a peek behind the curtain of every day perception.” She thanks Kundalini Yoga for helping her heal from past traumas and kick starting her journey of being a true genuine citizen of Earth and beyond. Sat Nam Wahe Guru!