Adaptive Yoga Workshop

November 11th, 3-5pm

$40 per person

This specialized yoga workshop is designed for people who would like to practice yoga, but may find it difficult to participate fully in a typical yoga class due to balance or mobility issues. Traditional yoga poses will be adapted for the individualized needs of the students, using chairs, blocks, straps and walls to assist. The pace will be slower than most yoga classes, with ample time for people to get into and out of poses and to try different versions. Those that cannot get onto the floor will be given chair yoga options. The goal of this workshop is to show students how they can still practice yoga, even in a class setting, if they know how to adapt for their own particular body issues. This workshop is led by Brenda Kobrin, RYT500.

Students must, at minimum, have the ability to:

  • Breathe deeply and concentrate

  • Be aware of your body’s limitations and self-monitor

  • Be mindful of your body without becoming emotionally overwhelmed

  • Be able to move limbs and stretch

  • Be able to sit upright, away from chair back for several minutes at a time

  • Confirm that you have your doctor’s approval to practice yoga 

Intro to Psychic Development

November 13th, 6-7:30pm

$20 per person

A safe and gentle introduction to psychic and energetic work.  We will help you strengthen your intuition, while giving you tools to ground, protect and use your psychic ability to improve your life and help others without becoming exhausted.  Please bring a notebook and any tools (crystals, tarot cards, pendulums, etc.) that help you tap into your intuition.  Led by Joan and intuitive reader Jen Canchola.