Intro to Psychic Development


Tuesday August 13 6pm-8pm
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$20 per person - pre registered
$25 per person - at the door

A safe and gentle introduction to psychic and energetic work.  We will help you strengthen your intuition while giving you tools to ground, protect and use your psychic ability to improve your life and help others without becoming exhausted.  Please bring a notebook and any tools (crystals, tarot cards, pendulums, etc.) that help you tap into your intuition.  Led by Joan.

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The Art of Self Use


Friday July 19 2:00pm - 4:00pm

$20 per person or $16 for Stewards members
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Sometimes we give up doing things we love to do because they become painful or make us uncomfortable.

At the beginning of this workshop, we will take some time to discuss these activities for each of you, then we will spend an hour doing a series of slow, easy, gentle movements on the floor or in sitting if being on the floor is not comfortable for you. At the end of this series of movements, we will discuss how it is possible to learn to use yourself with more awareness and comfort to accomplish your goals.

Before coming to this workshop, please give some thought to what activities in your life that you have given up, but wish you could resume doing again or activities that you do every day of your lives that you wish could be done with more comfort.

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monthly new moon women’s circle

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Saturday May 4th 7pm-9pm
Ritualistic enrichment. Feminine connection. Personal empowerment. Celebrating ripeness, change, maturity, beauty. Committing radical acts of self-acceptance. Alchemizing our intentions into conscious, positive emotional, intellectual, and spiritual action. Finding support in celebration of ourselves and each other through mindfulness and creativity—with meditation, journaling, movement, music, story, art. 
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